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Hi there, it’s me, HydraCord, again with the second installment of Artists You Should Know 2.0 (yes, that is what I’m calling it now). This time, I’ve decided to get into closer detail of one of my favorite songwriters/utaites, Reol. And no, I am not going to be a Matt and start crushing over her, just letting you know. Sorry, Matt.


Basic Information

Name (or rather, username): Reol

Genres: Electronic, Vocaloid, Contemporary

Years Active: 2012 - present

NN User Page: http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/16253346


Album: No title - (Remember to distinguish it from No title +; that’s a Vocaloid album)



+♂ is literally one of my favorite Reol songs period. It’s so fast paced and catchy, and combined with Reol’s powerful voice, makes it the perfect J-pop party song. It’s just so easy to dance to, and is an incredibly fun song all around. (Warning: If you’re with people and in a room by yourself, be incredibly careful when playing 0:46 - 0:56. If people hear, you have a lot of explaining to do. Headphones recommended.)


With that out of the way, let’s carry on to our next song.

Our next song here is an original called No title. In contrast to the previous cover, this is a more mellow piece, as Reol utilizes her voice to create a more sprightly sounding song. It’s genuinely beautiful to listen to, and the movie adds to it even more. Great studying music.

With lyrics written by Reol, Childish War is basically a Japanese rap battle. Collaborating with Kradness, Reol illustrates a battle for the throne between two royal siblings (more specifically, the Kagamine twins), going jab for jab with her and Kradness’s powerful voices.



This is where Reol shines.

Reol’s cover of Astronauts by Shiina Mota (originally sung by Hatsune Miku) is incredible. Her skill of weaving together harmonies is expertly displayed, creating a pleasant yet powerful piece. Again, great studying music.

Just because Reol covers songs, doesn’t mean that she can add to it to make it better, and her cover of Delusion Tax by DECO*27 shows just that. In this piece, she collaborated with nqrse to add rap to this piece, which adds to the song enormously, giving it a more rhythmic touch. Combined with Reol’s powerful voice, and you have a glorious song.


And there you have it. There are legions of covers and originals that Reol has created and wrote lyrics for on her channels, so go check those out! They’re of equal quality, if not more, than what I’ve showed you here on AniTAY.

Matt, please do not tease me about me having a Japanese real-life waifu like you, I ship Reol with Kradness. Just saying.


I’ll try my best to manage this column with Ascendant, so he might take over one edition sometime. Anyways, thank you for reading this edition of Artists You Should Know 2.0!

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