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I was originally planning to do something humorous, but there was a Nintendo Direct today that I had to cover, I'm sorry, please defend me from the wrath of Dex and YandereStorm.


Firstly, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is coming to the West on the 3DS! This title, created by Nintendo and Atlus, pits you as popular characters from the manga and anime as you fly around wiping Titans off the face of the map. There is also a 4-player co-op that can be in either local play or online play. In addition to the game, the first two episodes of Attack on Titan are now available on the Nintendo eShop.

The title will be available to consumers in May.

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On a more important note, there were two Fire Emblem games announced today. First, the rumored Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem was announced for the Wii U! We have not received much information about this game besides the fact that it's there, so I can't cover that. Secondly, a standalone title was also announced for the 3DS. But, for the first time ever, you are the main protagonist! In this standalone title, you are born in a kingdom with two factions: the peace-loving Hoshido and the glory-seeking Nohr. You were born to the Hoshido, but raised by the Nohr, and you can only bear alliances to one path. These paths are completely separate stories, and its fights and battles are drastically different.

If you choose the Hoshido, your adventure is like most Fire Emblem games, as the glorified good-guy who tries to fight the opposition. This is the easier option, and is made more accessible towards new players. If you choose the Nohr, however, your task is to revolutionize a corrupt government from the inside. This adds another layer of complexity to the story, and is considered more challenging than the alternate route.


The 3DS title is coming in 2016.

All trailers will be pasted below:

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Trailer

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains

3DS Fire Emblem Title

I could cover more from the Direct if you like. After all, Nintendo is a Japanese company!


That's the drop you need, thanks for reading!

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